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Graphical Models

Special Issue on Volume Modeling

The rapid increase in the processing power and storage capacity of computers offers ample scope and encouragement for developing new methods and tools for computer graphics and its applications. In particular, volume graphics, evolved from volume visualization techniques, is emerging as an important subfield of computer graphics. While the primary objective of volume visualization is to extract meaningful information from volumetric data, volume graphics is a far broader subject. It is the study of the input, storage, construction, analysis, manipulation, display, and animation of spatial objects in a true three-dimensional form.

Volume graphics is concerned with graphical models defined in volume data types, such as regular and irregular volume datasets, scalar fields, spatial occupancy models, and other spatial or nonspatial representations, which are capable of modeling both solid and amorphous objects, and interiors as well as surfaces. To date, there has been considerable research on techniques for rendering volume data types, but limited research on modeling volume objects. To stimulate research in this area, Graphical Models is planning a special issue on volume modeling. In particular, we are seeking original papers in the following areas:

  • Distance fields and voxelization
  • Volume-based model acquisition
  • Constructive volume representations
  • Mathematical volume models (e.g., algebraic fields and parametric volumes)
  • Irregular grids with 3D cells (such as tetrahedral cells)
  • Nonspatial volume modeling (including wavelet and compressed models)
  • Human body modeling and animation with volume data types
  • Hybrid modeling schemes (e.g., complex fields, sweep volumes, hierarchical representations, image-based modeling)
  • Systems for volume modeling
  • And other topics that are closely related to volume modeling

Guest Editors. Gregory M. Nielson, Arizona State University, Arie E. Kaufman, State University of New York at Stony Brook, and Min Chen, University of Wales Swansea, will lead a special review board for this issue.

Submission of manuscripts. All manuscripts must be submitted to the Editorial Office of Graphical Models (via email at gmod@acad.com or ftp at ftp.harcourtbrace.com/pub/academic_press/saved/gmod), indicating clearly for consideration in the special issue on volume modeling. The deadline for manuscripts to be considered for this special issue is March 31, 2001. All general manuscripts guidelines for Graphical Models apply to this special issue. Details can be found at http://www.academicpress.com/gmod.

Important Dates
March 31st, 2001Deadline for submissions
July 31st, 2001Notification of acceptance
October 31st, 2001Final manuscripts for copy-editors
March, 2002Planned Publication Date

Norman I. Badler, University of Pennsylvania
Ingrid Carlbom, Bell Laboratories

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