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  • Part I: Perspectives

    1. State-of-the-Art in Volume Graphics
      Arie E. Kaufman
    2. Volume Modelling
      Gregory M. Neilson

  • Part II: Discrete Modelling

    1. Minimally Thin Discrete Triangulation
      Valentin E. Brimkov, Reneta P. Barneva and Philippe Nehlig
    2. Smooth Boundary Surfaces from Binary 3D Datasets
      Daniel Cohen-Or, Arie Kadosh, David Levin and Roni Yagel
    3. Manufacturing Isovolumes
      Michael Bailey

  • Part III: Complex Volumetric Objects

    1. Constructive Representations of Volumetric Environments
      Min Chen, John V. Tucker and Adrian Leu
    2. vxt: A Class Library for Object Voxelisation
      Milos Sramek and Arie E. Kaufman
    3. 3D Scan-Conversion of CSG Models into Distance, Closest-Point and Colour Volumes
      David E. Breen, Sean Mauch and Ross T. Whitaker
    4. NURBS Volume for Modelling Complex Objects
      Zhongke Wu, Hock Soon Seah and Feng Lin

  • Part IV: Volume Rendering

    1. Voxels versus Polygons: A Comparative Approach for Volume Graphics
      Dirk Bartz and Michael MeiBner
    2. Fast Multi-Resolution Volume Rendering
      Yuting Yang, Feng Lin and Hock Soon Seah
    3. High-Quality Volume Rendering Using Seed Filling in View Lattice
      Jarkko Oikarinen, Rami Hietala and Lasse Jyrkinen
    4. Extending Hypertextures to Non-Geometrically Definable Volume Data
      Richard Satherley and Mark W. Jones

  • Part V: Volume Animation

    1. Fast Volume Rendering and Animation of Amorphous Phenomena
      Scott A. King, Roger A. Crawfis and Wayland Reid
    2. Visible Human Animation
      Zhongke Wu and Edmond C. Prakash
    3. Realistic Volume Animation with Alias
      Nikhil Gagvani and Deborah Silver

  • Part VI: Parallel and Distributed Environments

    1. Multi-Resolutional Parallel Isosurface Extraction based on Tetrahedral Bisection
      Thomas Gerstner and Martin Rumpf
    2. A Volume Rendering Crossbar and SRAM-Based Hardware
      Miron Deyssenroth, Martijn de Boer, Alexander Gropl, Jurgen Hesser and Reinhard Manner
    3. Algorithmically Optimised Real-Time Volume Rendering
      Bernd Vettermann, Jurgen Hesser and Reinhard Manner
    4. Hardware Accelerated Voxelisation
      Shiaofen Fang and Hongsheng Chen
    5. Volume Graphics and the Internet
      Ken Brodlie and Jason Wood

  • Part VII: Applications

    1. InViVo-IORT -- A System for Quality Control in Intra-Operative Radiotherapy
      Stefan Walter, Gerd StraBmann and Marco Schmitt
    2. Computer Aided Facial Reconstruction for Forensic Identification
      Simon D. Michael
    3. A Mophological Approach to Volume Synthesis of Weathered Stones
      Nao Ozawa and Issei Fujishiro
    4. Volumetric Modelling of 3D Text
      Zhongke Wu and Edmond C. Prakash

  • Part VIII: Glossaries and Indices

    • Glossary
      Mark W. Jones, Adrian Leu, Richard Satherley and Steve Treavett

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