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Volume Graphics

Min Chen, Arie E. Kaufman and Roni Yagel (Eds.)
Springer, London, February 2000
GBP £65.00, 464 pages, softcover, ISBN: 1-85233-192-5


Volume Graphics is currently one of the most important emerging technologies within Computer Graphics. As it models objects in terms of the volumes they occupy, it is more closely related to how humans perceive 3D images of the objects than to traditional surface-based techniques. It also offers a more consistent rendering approach to the displaying of a variety of objects, their internal structures and amorphous phenomena.

In this book, some of the leading figures in the field contribute to a state-of-the-art overview of the technology and its applications. It provides a framework for established concepts and existing knowledge in volume graphics, while presenting the latest thinking which will influence future developments in the field. Please have a look at the contents of the book and the outline of each chapter.

This book also features:

  • A 16 page colour section showing examples of images synthesised using the techniques described;
  • A glossary of terms and bibliographies.

This book will be invaluable reading for researchers, system developers and postgraduate students in the fields of Computer Graphics, Visualisation, Computer Animation and Medical Imaging applications, and will also be of interest to Graphics/Animation companies, Hospitals and Visualisation consultants.

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