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Volume Graphics Gallery

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Constructive Volume Geometry (CVG) Concept
Spatial objects (jpeg), Min Chen, 1999
Basic CVG operations (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
CVG operations on interior (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
CSG is embedded in CVG (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
Distance Fields and Voxelisation
Genetically bred objects (jpeg), Mark Jones, 2000
Original CT and its distance volume (jpeg), Mark Jones, 2000
Distance volume for CT head (mpeg, 800K), Mark Jones, 2000
Distance volume for a chess piece (mpeg, 800K), Mark Jones, 2000
Non-Photorealistic Textures and Expressive Rendering
Meeting of minds (jpeg), Steve Treavett, 1998
2+D pen&ink CT head (jpeg), Steve Treavett, 2000
2+D pen&ink plane (mpeg, 200K), Steve Treavett, 2000
Spheric Strokes (jpeg) Steve Treavett, 2000
PR and NPR MR heads (jpeg), Min Chen, 2000
NPR and PR CT heads (jpeg), Min Chen, 2000
Sculpture (jpeg), Min Chen, 1999
3D NPR strokes (mpeg, 3MB), Min Chen, 1999
Pen & Ink Textures (mpeg, 3MB), Min Chen, 2000
PR co-centric spheres (mpeg, 100KB), Min Chen, 2000
NPR co-centric spheres (mpeg, 200KB), Min Chen, 2000
Solid and Hyper-Textures
Solid textured CT head (jpeg), Richard Satherley, 1998
Solid and hyper-textured tank (jpeg), Richard Satherley, 2000
Hyper-hextured decahedra (jpeg), Richard Satherley, 2000
Hyper-textured CT heads (jpeg), Richard Satherley, 2000
Fire on a chess piece (jpeg), Richard Satherley, 2000
Hyper-texture smoke (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Soild texture mapping through CVG (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
vlib Functionality
The vlib (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Transfer function in vlib (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Solid texture in vlib (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Deformation in vlib (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Volume Graphics Scenes
Seeing beyond death (jpeg), Min Chen, 2000
CT planet (jpeg), Min Chen, 1999
Water Ball (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
Man in Sky (mpeg, 2MB), Min Chen, 1998
Tank on tiles (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
A chess set (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Volume Rendering Methods
A comparison of 9 methods with CT head (gif), Mark Jones, 1995
9 methods with hydrogen data (gif), Mark Jones, 1995
9 methods with superoxide dismutase (gif), Mark Jones, 1995
Visualisation of Monkey data (mpeg, 200K), Mark Jones, 1997
Ray Casting (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
Surface, multi- surface & volume rendering (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
Skin and Bone (jpeg), Min Chen, 1998
Reflection (jpeg), Andrew Winter, 2000
Direct rendering of a quadratic, tetrahedral dataset (gif), Tom Simpson, 1998