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International Workshop on Volume Graphics

30-31 July, 2006

Boston Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


There are six places of student volunteers for supporting both Point-based Graphics 2006 and Volume Graphics 2006. Each student volunteer will receive free registration for both PBG06 and VG06, which including proceedings for both conferences and a ticket to the conference dinner. Please note that the free registration does not include SIGGRAPH 2006 registration, nor any allowance or special arrangement for travel and accommodation.

To apply for one of the six places, please complete the application form, which is available in both MS-Word and PDF, and return it on or before Friday 23 June 2006 by either emailing it to vg06 (-@-), or sending it as a fax to +44 1792 295708 for the attention of Professor Min Chen.

It is not essential for an applicant to have a paper submitted to, or accepted by, either PBG06 or VG06. The selection process will consider a number of criteria, including ability and research relevance. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by PBG/VG06 organizers on Tuesday 27 June 2006. Due to the limited places, it is inevitable that some applicants will be disappointed. We thank all applicants in advance for their efforts and understanding.

To confirm the place, each successful candidate must send an acknowledgement of acceptance to vg06 (-@-) by Friday 30 June 2006. It is also necessary for his/her adviser to send a short supporting email or letter, by Friday 30 June 2006, to the PBG/VG06 organizers to confirm the student status of the candidate.

Last Updated: 10 June 2006